Camorra: they impose their firm, barrel to competitor – Campania

Three entrepreneurs arrested in Caserta, ‘we are close to Casalesi’

(ANSA) – CASERTA, 31 JAN – They would have imposed on commercial businesses in the Caserta area, in particular those in the agro-Aversana area, the withdrawal of exhausted oils through their company, exploiting the belonging to the Zagaria faction of the Casalesi clan. This is the accusation against three entrepreneurs from Casapesenna and Casal di Principe, arrested by the carabinieri and taken to prison on the orders of the magistrate of the Naples court as part of an investigation by the Neapolitan Anti-Mafia District Directorate.

The facts would have happened in 2021. From the investigations carried out by the Casal di Principe carabinieri, it emerged that the three would not only have imposed their company, but also would have hit an entrepreneur in their own sector with a baseball bat, so that he desisted from making their competition. The crimes charged to the suspects are illicit competition with threats or violence and attempted extortion, with the aggravating circumstance of the mafia method and mafia facilitation.