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Benzema still royal, a Barça too naive behind

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The influence of the Benzema-Vinicius duo, the coaching of Ancelotti, but also the defensive naivety of Barça: find the Tops and Flops of the editorial staff at the end of this match between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid (2- 3).


Benzema, still the prisoner
Real can no longer do without him. Once again, Karim Benzema left his mark on this Clasico. Very available, he made his partners play well by serving as a relay. And above all was decisive. After a bright assist for Vinicius from the outside of the foot, he scored the 2e goal of Real in fox surfaces. Sound 11e against Barcelona, ​​bringing their total of 23 this season in 26 games.

Vinicius confirm
The Brazilian winger has made good progress this season and he was once again a player in this Madrid success. Spinning on his left wing, he made Dani Alves suffer in large widths. Hard-hitting, he opened the scoring with a good race that ended with a well-placed shot. He constantly provoked his direct opponent and of course made the blocks.

Ancelotti’s winning coaching
The characteristic of great coaches is to target the shortcomings of their team during the match to change a situation. And Carlo Ancelotti is one of those. In this Clasico, his coaching was effective by bringing more freshness with the entries of Valverde, Rodrygo or Lucas Vazquez. No coincidence that Rodrygo was a decisive passer for Valverde on a counter model, a real trademark of Ancelotti.

Dembélé, an encouraging performance
We had lost sight of him and it was as if he wanted to be noticed again. Ousmane Dembélé was restless in this match against Real. Chosen by Xavi to provoke the one-on-one defense, the Frenchman has often made the difference with a lot of good acceleration and chances created. It only remains for him to sometimes take care of the finish.


Barça, victim of his defensive wanderings
Barça showed character in this Clasico but he also put himself in a bad position by often finding himself in difficulty behind. The fault of multiple errors, the first gross having been committed by the experienced Sergio Busquets, guilty of a loss of ball which was expensive and led to the opening of the scoring of Real. But the Catalans seem to be making progress under the leadership of a Xavi who continues to take his marks.

Dani Alves turned his age
At 38, Dani Alves made an unexpected return to the club which revealed it to the wider world. But it is clear that the former Parisian encountered a lot of difficulty in keeping up with the pace in this match. Regularly overwhelmed by the liveliness of Vinicius, he struggled to recover and did not add much offensively.


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