A son of Maxi López and Wanda Nara called Mauro Icardi “daddy” and the controversy exploded

A son of Wanda Nara and Maxi López called Mauro Icardi “daddy”

In the last hours, Wanda Nara He shared a controversial video on his Instagram. It happened during the celebration of his daughter’s 7th birthday Francesca: the great blended family that he formed with Mauro Icardi I was going through a fun and relaxed moment after having overcome the crisis in which Eugenia La China Suárez was accused of being the “third in discord”.

Everything was going well, until his third son, Benedict Lopez -fruit of his previous relationship with Maxi Lopez– asked an innocent question to the Paris Saint Germain striker: “Daddy, who do you want to win?”, the boy asked Icardi, quite naturally, about his preference for a soccer game.

give me the same”, was the carefree response of Mauro, who did not look at the boy for a second, keeping his eyes fixed on the screen of his cell phone. Not a few followers of Wanda made her notice the way her son called her husband, since her biological father is very present in her life.

A few days ago, Wanda enabled the questions section on her Instagram to answer the concerns of her followers and it was in that space that the query was repeated: “Why don’t you post videos so that they stop saying that Mauro has a bad relationship with Valen?. Wanda shared it to be able to respond to a rumor that is gaining strength every day. “I would spend my whole life clarifying things, and I think some of them are more than obvious., he clarified, downplaying the issue.

Wanda Nara and her son Benedicto, the fruit of her relationship with Maxi López (Photo: Instagram)

This week, the Nara – Icardi left their work commitments aside for a day to enjoy the afternoon with their eldest daughter, Francesca. The girl turned 7 years old and celebrated in the luxurious Paris apartment. The businesswoman showed themed party they organized at home and wrote a special dedication, excited by the growth of her first-born with Mauro Icardi.

The media shared several postcards of the birthday girl on her Instagram account, surrounded by her brothers and her two pets. “If every human being had your purity, your heart, your simplicity, your love, your care for nature and animals, it would surely be a better world.”, Wanda wrote in the epigraph of the publication that was also published at the same time in the PSG striker’s profile.

Francesca's birthday, celebrated with her parents, Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi, and all her siblings (Photo: Instagram)
Francesca’s birthday, celebrated with her parents, Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi, and all her siblings (Photo: Instagram)

Thank you for making our world so special 7 years ago. Give us your adventures, smiles and tenderness. We love you with all our soul and we will always take care of you and make you happy”, she continued, invaded by pride and happiness. “Your family and your little animals love you very much, sweet Fran,” he concluded, along with some videos of the moment when his siblings -Isabella, Benedicto, Constantino and Valentino- joyfully sang the Italian version of happy birthday, “Tanti auguri”, to to blow out the candles on the cake.

This is not the first time that the businesswoman praises her daughter’s attitude towards animals: Every weekend they escaped to the countryside to disconnect from the maelstrom of the French capital underlined Francesca’s connection to horses. As he grew older, he asked his parents to adopt a dog and that is how the two pets arrived as new members of the blended family.




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