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Usa, shooting in a school: 15 years old kills 3 students

by archysport

Slaughter in school. In a high school of the Michigan, in the United States, a boy of 15 years opened fire on comrades with a semiautomatic weapon. The young killer, taking out his gun, literally lost his head, managing to fire 15-20 shots before being arrested. Tragic the balance of the insane gesture: three students were killed and six other people were injured. A teacher was also injured, the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office said.

The shooting took place in Oxford High School in Oxford, a town about 40 kilometers north of Detroit. What seemed like a normal school day suddenly turned into a nightmare: Suddenly, the homicidal student – who is in the second year at the high school – opened fire, starting a reckless target practice. The barrage of shots overwhelmed his schoolmates; many injured were transported to local hospitals, a spokesman for the Oxford fire department said. When the young killer was stopped and his weapon confiscated, it was already too late: the insane act had also claimed victims.

The alarm went off just before 1pm local time, when a shower of phone calls flooded the switchboard of 911, the American emergency number. Police arrived at the scene within minutes and reportedly stopped the young killer by snatching his weapon. After the shooting, the student was taken into custody for a few minutes, the Oakland County Deputy Sheriff said. Mike McCabe. “He offered no resistance when he was taken into custody“, the local authority specified. According to the first reconstructions, the boy was not injured when he was stopped and he used the right not to answer when asked why he had shot and where he had found the weapon. he would just say he wanted a lawyer.

The reasons that triggered the teeneger’s reckless gesture are still unknown. The police have launched investigations, also sifting the boy’s social accounts in search of clues that could give a motive to thekiller action. Students and teachers of the institute are in shock: the school is attended by about 1,800 pupils and the massacre could have worsened further.

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