They arrested Facundo Medina for gender violence: what happened and the latest news

Facundo Medina, a player for the Argentine National Team and Racing de Lens who emerged from River, was accused by an ex-partner. The situation would have occurred between Christmas Eve and Christmas, in Europe.

The defender of Lens Facundo Medina is involved in a legal scandal after being denounced for gender violence by an ex-partner in France. Now, River’s former player and regular summoned to the Argentine National Team was summoned for investigation and taken into police custody.

Facundo Medina, arrested for gender violence: what happened in France

As reported by the media The team, French authorities are trying to elucidate what happened between the night of December 24 and the early hours of 25 at the footballer’s house. According to the same French medium, the player is “suspected of having committed premeditated violent acts against an ex-girlfriend who came from Argentina.”

Facundo Medina

As they add in France, Sources close to the case indicated that there was a discussion between Medina and his ex-partner that would have led to the attack. All this would have been denied by the footballer during his investigation

What is the accusation against Facundo Medina and what is his ex-partner accusing him of

As pointed out to the agency AFP Prosecutor Benoit Gauthe, the footballer would have “partially admitted” the accusation of his ex-partner, who denounced him for “voluntary violence”.

Facundo Medina

Given this, the player was summoned to testify this Sunday and, after the investigation, he was detained in a preventive manner before being released “with charges”, something that implies that he will have to appear again before the Justice, to testify before a judge.

Facundo Medina, past in River and present in France and the Argentine National Team

Originally from Villa Fiorito, Facundo Medina emerged from the quarry of River before making the leap to Workshops, a team in which he excelled during the Superliga 2019/20. So good was his level that it was worth a transfer to Lens de France, his current club, in more than four million dollars.

Facundo Medina

After being cited several times by Fernando Batista to the Under 20 National Team and even to Olympic Games of Tokyo 2020, Lionel Scaloni has transformed him into a regular summoned in the Senior National Team.

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