The former Girona Chele will have to compensate the girl he assaulted with 4,793 euros

Chele, during a match with Llagostera, where he played after leaving Girona in 2017. | MARC MARTÍ

Alejandro Gómez Martín, Chele, former player of Peralada -then a subsidiary of Girona- in the 2017-18 season, has been sentenced for a serious injury offense to a fine of 1,080 euros for having given “a strong kick” to a girl from 19 years at the exit of a music bar in Girona. The sentence is firm and there is no possibility of Chele appealing. In addition, the former Girona footballer, who this year plays for Toledo after having played for Llagostera and Don Benito, will also have to pay compensation of 4,793.97 euros in terms of costs and civil liability. It should be remembered that in the first instance the compensation was set at 3,626.17 euros and the sentence appealed to the Court has increased it by 30% more. With the verdict, it is shown that the player argued with the wardrobe of the city’s bar and, once outside, kicked him in the foot, causing him to “fracture his elbow and the radius of his left arm.” .

The incident took place in March 2017. The girl filed a complaint with the local police on the night of the incident without knowing how to identify the assault. A couple of days later, the victim extended his complaint to the Mossos d’Esquadra by providing a photograph of Chele that he had found on the social media site. On Tuesday 28 in Olot, the player played the final of the Copa Catalunya with the first team of Girona against Nàstic and, when he returned to Girona, where he lived, he was arrested after midnight. Chele spent the night at the police station. The judge took a statement from the footballer and later released him on charges of injury. Now, the court has sentenced him for a crime of serious injury to a fine of 6 months at a rate of 6 euros per day (1,080 euros). This sentence will mean that Chele has a criminal record. In addition, the footballer will have to bear the costs and civil liability with compensation amounting to 4,751 euros. Trained at Atlético de Madrid, Chele, now 26, has played for Terrassa, Peralada-Girona B, Llagostera, Moralo and Don Benito before signing this summer for Toledo, 2nd RFEF.




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