The defensive reinforcements will be arriving this Sunday against Washington

With the Cowboys’ victory over the Saints 27-17, one of the great details was the great handling of the defense. It’s certainly nice to know that this group is doing amazingly. Consequently, they have become a nightmare for the other teams.

Since we’re not just talking about the four interceptions in total. Where it is necessary to emphasize the ninth of Trevon Diggs this year or the defensive TD of Carlos Watkins. Elements like Micah Parsons and DeMarcus Lawrence (who returned after being absent from Week 1 against Tampa Bay) have shown that the cowboy defense can be diverse and achieve spectacular results.

Now, this is not all, as two starters are expected to be back for Sunday afternoon’s game against the Washington team. They are defensive tackle Neville Gallimore and defensive end Randy Gregory.

In the case of the former, he has yet to see action in the regular season. All this thanks to a dislocated elbow he had in a preseason game against the Arizona Cardinals. And as for Gregory, he had a sore calf days before the Week 10 game against the Atlanta Falcons. Of course, having a great campaign with five sacks, two fumbles and a recovered ball.

“They’ve had a great couple of weeks,” Stephen Jones said of Gallimore and Gregory via 105.3 The Fan. “They have to get out there and move forward this week with full practice. Unless there is a setback, which is clearly something we are not expecting, we are going to enlist them for the game, but they must continue to progress, which they have been doing. They must still finish the whole process, which is the total preparation for the game against the Washington team ”.

Stephen’s words go hand in hand with a defensive group that, as already mentioned, is working very well. From having Gallimore and Gregory fully ready against the division rival, we are talking about a group that can wreak havoc on an offense that has the fundamental advantage of staying on the field for a long time. This has caused Washington to take a second wind this season and have managed to win four consecutive games. Including rivals like the Buccaneers and Raiders, who the Cowboys lost to this year.

However, there is no need to sound the alarms regarding this, as it was seen what the team can do when they have their starting elements available on the field of play. The perfect example of this is DeMarcus Lawrence. Who had not seen action since week 1. So there were some doubts about his performance.

As you could see, Lawrence had no problems on his return. Defensive coordinator Dan Quinn used it very well in 37 of 70 defensive snaps. Plus, he put him on the inside of the defensive line a good number of third downs. In this way, he had a few private duels with the Saints offensive line guards at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

Likewise, it is already known that Micah Parsons can perform as a defensive end or linebacker. His speed has no limits and he is already the absolute leader in catches in the team with a total of ten. As if that weren’t enough, his versatility is unmatched and on some occasions he was covering wide receivers. That is unusual for someone in your position. But it is a feature that Parsons also knows how to do very well.

With these two clear examples, including Gregory and Gallimore, a great defensive work is expected this Sunday. The level of pressure Gregory offers opposing quarterbacks is unmatched. While one of the great positive aspects of Gallimore is the defense of the rival ground game. Issue the Cowboys have been struggling with in recent weeks. Allowing 314 yards against the Chiefs, Raiders and Saints combined.

If all goes as it should, the Cowboys should have all of these players together at FedExField on Dec. 12 without a hitch. In a game that is central to the Cowboys’ postseason aspirations. Washington is 6-6 and a win would put them closer to the target. That is something that Dallas cannot allow under any circumstances.



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