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Rob Cross after crazy final turn to last 16, Peter Wright through after false start | Darts

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The match got off to a high standard with Cross achieving a 147 finish in the second game of the match. Cross eventually won that first set by breaking Gurney in the last leg. The level in the second set was significantly lower. Especially in the second leg, both seemed to have lost the ability to throw. It was Gurney who won the leg, but Cross regained his finishing qualities not much later and decided the set from 108.

Superchin fought back into the game. He kept his own set, while Cross struggled to keep up with Gurney in the legs. In the fourth set, Gurney even broke the 2016 world champion for the first time. Despite a 0-2 lead in that set, he had to leave the fourth company to Cross.

Cross then seemed to easily throw out his set and soon led a break, but Gurney fought back nicely and also took the initiative of the starting Cross in the fifth game. After a few bad turns, he gave that up again. Cross then failed to finish it, with one of his three match darts, after which Gurney still won the sixth set.

So a deciding set had to be played. This showed that Cross was mentally not off the leg, because he broke Gurney immediately. He silvered this one with a 116 finish. Gurney then copied that on his own turn. This gave Cross for the third time the chance to throw out the game with a leg that he started. This time he didn’t fail. Cross threw out the last leg from 170.

Other arrows

Peter Wright, dressed in a Christmas outfit, started the match dramatically with new arrows for him and immediately handed in the set he started himself. In the second set Wright broke Heta immediately, but he was unable to hold on to that break.

The average of the champion of 2020 was also far below par in the second set. Heta was, without throwing exceptional, of a decent level and took a 2-0 lead.

In the break Wright therefore decided to return to his old familiar arrows and with that things went a lot better for the Scotsman. He came back to 2-1 in sets with a 161 finish in the deciding leg. Wright seemed unleashed and immediately broke the Australian and also regularly conjured high finishes from his hat. As a result, the score was tied again after four sets.

Heta simply couldn’t keep up with his opponent and even lost the fifth set 3-0. The number 31 average on the placing list wasn’t even that bad, but Wright was completely off the grid. He eventually won ten of the last eleven legs in the match and qualified convincingly despite the false start.

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