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Olympic canoe champion as a role model for sport

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Fur podium does not go up for this award – Ronald Rauhe is allowed to run up a whole flight of stairs, and at the top he is where he wants to be. Ronald Rauhe will be honored as the “role model of sport” on the fourth Advent in the Kurhaus in Baden-Baden, in the election for Sportsman of the Year. Instead of a spontaneous cry of victory or tears of joy, it is a quiet, deep happiness that radiates rough. “This award honors exactly what I have lived for, to be a role model,” he says in a tuxedo and a pink bow tie, “that is sometimes more important to me than a medal.”

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Rauhe ended his career as a canoe racer this year, at the age of 40, after taking part in six Olympics, two Olympic victories, one of them at his last games in Tokyo, and sixteen world championships. On the other hand, he wants to continue playing the role of role model, for which he is far more distinguished than his successes. “I see myself as a motivational speaker, as a storyteller. And use every opportunity to advertise the social importance of sport. “


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