Oliver Klemet surrounded by Olympic champion Wellbrock

SOliver Klemet sums up an annual summary in one sentence: “It can go on like this.” Within nine months, the SG Frankfurt swimmer developed from a successful national talent to an international medalist in the open class. The rapid pace of his ascent is easy to explain: The 19-year-old from Wehrheim is now benefiting from what he worked hard during the 2020 break from competitions due to corona.

His twelfth place at the European championship premiere in Budapest over the Olympic ten kilometers was followed by two German championship titles in Münster at the end of June – also in open water over five and ten kilometers. When he left the junior class, he was awarded silver on the continental level. After a vacation break, Klemet did the first crawl moves in the direction of the major events in 2022. Back from a three-week high altitude training camp with the German Swimming Association (DSV) in the Sierra Nevada, the perspective member cracked this month in Magdeburg with new bests over 1500 meters and 800 meters Freestyle, 14: 58.33 and 7: 54.21 minutes, the norms for the European Championships in Rome in August.

Oliver Klemet

Image: SGF

On the longer distance he was the only one of the entire pool competition to undercut the target time for the world title competition in May in Fukuoka, Japan. Only a few days later the World Cup debutant crowned his record at the final in Abu Dhabi with a relay bronze in the mixed over 4 × 1.5 kilometers, followed by eleventh place in the individual race over ten kilometers. “There was a lot of tussle and on the last lap I was stuck between two people,” explains the Hessian who would have liked to have ended up a little further ahead. “In open water, it’s like lugging extra weight around with you.” But every race means more experience. And that plays a major role in competitions in open waters.

Klemet talks calmly about his successes and the prospects that are now open to him. He has got used to being among the best, in close proximity to Olympic champion and world record holder Florian Wellbrock. The student at the Carl von Weinberg School in Frankfurt regularly joins the Magdeburg training group for the German swimmer. After his home coach Jan Wolfgarten moved to Portugal in August, national coach Bernd Berkhahn offered him this opportunity.




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