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An alleged fix in a match in the second division of Colombian soccer that was evidenced on television produced a scandal in the country, where the government is calling for in-depth investigations into the case.

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The meeting was played on Saturday in the city of Villavicencio (center). If Unión Magdalena defeated Llaneros FC at home, they sealed their promotion to the first division.

Llaneros vs. Union Magdalena


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Although the ‘Cyclone’ began losing by a goal, in minutes 90 + 5 and 90 + 6 they managed the comeback. The second goal arouses suspicions of cheating. While the visit was looking for the goal, the rival players stayed still.

At one point in the play, there were five forwards against two defenders and one of them even moved away to make way for an opponent. Then one of the attackers is hand in hand with the goalkeeper, who makes a minimum effort to prevent the goal.

Iguarán’s complaint

Sources consulted in this regard at the Attorney General’s Office assured that the entity can initiate inquiries into the case ex officio, that is, on its own account.

The other case in which you could act is by opening an inquiry into the case through a complaint that you receive from a person or entity. And so it happened.

This Monday it was learned that the former attorney general of the nation, Mario Iguarán, filed a complaint for the crime of private corruption.

This, according to the document, because “this triumph has caused that hundreds of fans, who invested in legal bookmakers for one or another team and were disadvantaged because of this episode, far from acting on a level playing field and transparency, have acted naively in a probably falsified scenario. Therefore, it is likely that they have been deceived by generating a loss of assets against them, which in turn translated into a possible benefit for those who probably knew about the true intentions and motivations behind of this strange episode “.

“Therefore, in addition to Private Corruption, I urge the Accusing Entity to also carry out a judicious inquiry into whether in the present case there was a commission of the criminal type of Fraud, in accordance with Article 246 of the Penal Code, which provides that “(…) The same penalty shall be incurred by those who, in a lottery, raffle or game, obtain profit for themselves or for others. using any fraudulent means to ensure a certain result “, also says the document, presented by Iguarán as a natural person.

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The complete document

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