Blog: Fantasy football? The best game in the world (after football)

The most common question among people who do not know the football and extracalcistic reality, accentuating their confusion with grimaces and tones not very willing to accept answers is: “What the hell is Fantasy Soccer?”.
Let’s try to explain ourselves.
The Fantasy football is a fantasy game inevitably focused on the game of ball; consists in organizing and managing virtual teams formed by real players, having the possibility to choose the tournament for which to play as the A league, the UEFA Champions League, the Europeans oi World Cup. In our country, today, fantasy football is a very popular pastime, which captures every age group and which does not limit itself to feeding only the need for football. male, but which paradoxically also attracted the genre female. Precisely for this reason, we affirm that through various researches it has been estimated that in Italy i “Fantasy coaches”, so called, there are about six million. In proportion, it is as if the whole metropolitan city of Rome were playing with it. Mind-boggling figures.

This game was born from an intuition of Ricardo Albini, a well-known Italian journalist, inspired by a similar American pastime based on baseball (Fantasy Baseball). Here the American co-optation returns, but to tell the truth the journalist did not have a bad idea, because as we can see from the above data, Fantasy Soccer today represents a reality of Italian free time, in fact integrating the simple vision of matches in television an internal competition for groups of friends, colleagues or relatives. It should also be remembered that as in all competitions, the winner gets a prize, a prize that tends to be converted into money and decided by the discretion of the group with which one is entertained.
More pragmatically, let’s see how i have to behave gamers.

In the game, each team has one and only goal, that of obtaining the higher number of points in the standings, to get to win the fantasy shield. The points in turn are obtained based on the performance of the eleven players bought and chosen as owners in the fantasy. Fantasy football comes to life from ato stay initial that inaugurates the season, which is undoubtedly the most exciting and enjoyable moment of the long annual journey; everyone gathers around a table (usually the number of people varies between four and ten) with a paper and a pen: that’s all it takes. A real auction takes place, in which each player acts as both manager and president. The squad must consist of three goalkeepers, eight defenders, eight midfielders and six forwards. Like real football, the individual matches are played by one fantasy team made up of 11 owners in their respective roles based on the modules. As previously already partially mentioned, the prevailing objective is to accumulate greater bonus possible between assists or goals of the players in the real days of the championship to achieve the highest possible score and obtain a victory through a very complex calculation mechanism to explain. To be sanctioned as the fantasy football animates the weekends of the fantasy coaches for 30 years, and despite its age it has not aged even a day. Over the years, various mechanisms have changed, leading to the invention of theapp which automatically assigns votes and bonuses, unlike what happened several years ago, in fact previously the players armed themselves with good will and patience as well as paper and pen, disrupting votes and attributing bonuses independently always referring to newspapers such as the Gazzetta dello Sport.

The considerations we can draw is that definitely Fantasy football represents the raison d’être of the weekend in the name of sport and football in this case, fueling disagreements between friends and taking positions that often lead to the personal.
Fantasy football is taken tremendously seriously in Italy, so much so that the same players who attend Serie A declare themselves tired of receiving threats on social networks or happy to be able to contribute to the cause of the fantasy coach who has bet on him for the seasons they run.
Fantasy football is a phenomenon that must be analyzed very seriously and that often affects the morale of individuals at the weekend too. competitive and willing to obtain positive results. At the same time, however, it creates a moment of aggregation and interconnection between people animated by the same goal, a moment marked by jokes, teasing, discussions or reflections. The beauty of football is also this, always being in step with time and always being able to satisfy everyday sociability.
Not surprisingly, it is the sport of the peoples.


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