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Julian Nagelsmann steers FC Bayern Munich through the crisis

by archysport

AFC Bayern Munich can rely on its most important employees during the communications crisis. He always comments on criticism of the sponsorship agreement with Qatar Airways – a state-owned company from the emirate that regularly documents human rights violations – always as the club imagines. Three examples:

“The club is in dialogue, tries to discuss things in dialogue, to influence them in dialogue, not by excluding them or looking the other way. I think we’ve made a difference, ”he said on November 6th, when Bayern fans presented a banner on the south curve of the stadium with the inscription:“ We’ll wash everything for money ”.

“I am a fan of influencing things through discussions and conversations. (…) I am someone who tries to listen to many opinions in order to understand things, to be able to move and change things and not stand there and raise my hands, ”he said on November 18 as a member of Bayern before the annual general meeting had submitted a publicly effective motion with which he wanted to oblige the association not to continue the contract with Qatar Airways.

“I find it valuable when you present arguments and try to find a consensus on a factual level – this was not always the case at the end of the event – in the interests of the entire association. That is the important message for me, ”he said on November 26th when the Bavarian general assembly got out of hand, mainly because of the amateurish argument with the members in the Qatar controversy.


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