HOCKEY ONLINE: Pardubice is a better champion again! The comet increases its lead, Zlín leads on Sparta

The people of Pardubice lost a series of three defeats in a 4: 1 win in Olomouc on Tuesday. They succeeded even though the home team’s jersey was already worn by the healed striker David Krejčí. Třinec collects points in a regular interval: out of 26 matches he did not score twice, of which only once out – before mid-September, when he lost 2: 3 in Pilsen. That’s why he’s first ahead. Now its dominance will be tested by Pardubice.

Pilsen has a lot to pay for Karlovy Vary. In the initial duel in the opponent’s arena, the Indians lost 0: 3. However, Škoda did not lose a point in the last two appearances against Kladno and Zlín.

Karlovy Vary reached the point against Sparta last year, even though they lost 0: 2, 1: 3 and 2: 4. The Prague team finally celebrated thanks to a goal at the end of overtime. Vítkovice scored in six consecutive matches and thanks to that they worked their way into the upper half of the table. Hradec Králové claimed two defeats in a row with two wins.

With a Wednesday triumph of 4: 2 in Liberec, the comet helped it jump to ninth place. Kladno increased its lead over Zlín to 11 points. In the remaining matches, Litvínov will try to reject the third loss in a row on home ice against Olomouc. However, the Hanáks will also arrive with a great desire to succeed, as they have already scored three times in a row, which in the balanced center of the table meant a drop to tenth place.

On the other hand, Sparta will have a unique opportunity to add a fourth consecutive win in a duel with the last Zlín, who did not score twice in a row and always scored only one goal.

29th round of the hockey Tipsport extra league:
Litvinov – Olomouc 3: 4
Goals: 36. Stříteský, 37. Baláž, 56. Sukeľ – 12. D. Krejčí, 25. Kucsera, 39. Kunc, 42. Nahodil
Plzen – Karlovy Vary 3: 2
Goals: 20. Jiříček, 21. Dzierkals, 48. Schleiss – 33. Kulich, 52. Černoch
Vítkovice – Hradec Králové 1: 2 in overtime
Goals: 44. Lednický – 49. Smoleňák, 64. Jergl
Brno – Kladno 5: 2 in the 3rd period
Goals: 44. and 57. Mueller, 4. Šoustal, 11. Ďaloga, 43. Vincour – 31. Plekanec, 34. Zikmund
Pardubice – Trinec 6: 3
Goals: 12th and 21st Camara, 41st and 49th A. Musil, 37th Říčka, 59th Cienciala – 26th Kundrátek, 41st Martin Růžička, 59th Marcinko
Sparta – Zlín 3: 4 in the 3rd period
Goals: 8. Sobotka, 17. Chlapík, 34. Konečný – 11. Honejsek, 28. R. Veselý, 39. Gazda, 45. Zabusovs



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