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Former bully destroys Westbrook: “The Lakers will never be stable with him”

by archysport

Still not on top with the Lakers, Russell Westbrook has to do with a continuous stream of criticism. Recently, it is a former bad boy of the league who attacked him! However, the arguments he puts forward are difficult to refute.

Decidedly, the transplant of Russell Westbrook to the Lakers is much more complicated than expected. Certainly, the leader is nearly 21 points, 9 rebounds and 8 assists per game, but we can not say that the results of the Crimson and Gold are affected. The latter only point in 8ᵉ position in the Western Conference, with a scarcely positive result (12-11). Not really what the fans expected after the arrival of the Brodie …

Unsurprisingly, many observers are not satisfied with his contribution in California, especially pointing the finger at his clumsiness (44% shooting including 31% from distance). Asked about the subject, Charles Oakley, however, aimed at another controversial area in the game of the ex-Wizard: the pace he imposes in the game. According to the retired pivot, it harms the Angelinos a lot… and so much that he will be there, it will not work out for them!

Charles Oakley very critical of Russell Westbrook

LA is going to have its ups and downs all year round because Westbrook is Westbrook, his mindset is different from that of LeBron or the other guys. Sometimes he only plays for himself. It’ll be better as soon as LA finds a system, a seven or eight guy rotation – but it’s going to be a roller coaster this year I think. With him, they will not be stable, too irregular.

Often criticized for his propensity to go headlong, RW is not entitled to a different speech from the former Knicks. It must be said that with 4.7 ball losses per game, the No. 0 is still as expensive with the inflation, which is never a good thing when you try to set up a continuous rhythm. The words of The Oak therefore make sense, especially after his very average outing against the Kings (9/21 shooting, 4 turnovers).

Elsewhere, Oakley has also entered the title race, although it is still in its infancy. However, the old interior does not budge: a team has already established itself as the one to be defeated, namely the Warriors. Best record in the league despite their defeat in Phoenix, Steve Kerr’s men impressed him at the highest point, and he saw them already ready for the playoffs:

In the West, everyone was thinking of the Clippers and the Lakers or maybe Phoenix and the Lakers, but now we see Golden State dominating. You must answer them now. The way Golden State is playing, you have to make them the favorite right now because they’re playing mid-season basketball. They are ahead of everyone else in all areas.

Russell Westbrook knows what remains for him to do, to purify his game so that his team’s improve. Not sure however that he follows the advice of Charles Oakley, since he tends to ignore the critics …

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