COVID-19: NFL tightens protocol

The NFL is on guard over the latest news surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, so it has adjusted its protocol without delay.

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In a note sent to the teams, many changes were announced.

“By virtue of the recent increase in positive cases across the country and in the team environment, and in the face of the urgency caused by a new variant which appears to be more contagious, we made the decision with the NFL Players Association to update the protocol related to COVID-19 ”, it was indicated.

The protocol adjustment is effective immediately and until the conclusion of this week’s matches. Discussions will then continue.

In the memo produced by the NFL, it is mentioned that face-to-face meetings for coaches and players are prohibited, unless they are held outdoors or in a training bubble and with a physical distancing. Wearing a mask indoors is also compulsory in team facilities.


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