Juan Fernando Quintero would arrive in January at River Plate on loan | Colombians Abroad

Juan Fernando Quintero continues to show his magic in Chinese football. Today he scored a great with Shenzhen, while rumors continue that bring him closer and closer to Argentina. For several days there has been talk of his return to River Plate, with multiple indications that give it as a fact.

From the overdue debt, used for the Chinese team to let it go on loan, to the movements of its representative are clues that ratify what is an open secret.

According to information from journalist Gustavo Yarroch, in the ESPN program F90, the return of the Colombian to the cross-band box is approaching “Juan Fernando Quintero’s return to River Plate is closer and closer to being realized. He asked his representative to reserve the same house where he lived near the club’s premises, in Ezeiza.

According to the journalist’s report, one of the reasons for returning to River, apart from his desire to be in Argentina, is to reach the World Cup. a fixed place in the Colombian National Team, being one of the main objectives for him ”.

In addition, it concluded with the tentative date to arrive in Buenos Aires, being between January 7 and 8, to take the respective medical exams and go to the preseason tour in the United States.



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