Comesaña announces tumble in Independiente Medellín: Ricaurte returns, Vueltich, Reina and more leave | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

Julio Comesaña is by no means on vacation. While the others rest after the elimination of the homers, he takes very firm steps towards the Independiente Medellín model 2022. And what he announces is a complete tumble!

“I want a well-designed squad, that has no excuses, with players for the team,” announced the DT. And in that line, the first thing will be news that will make many followers of red happy: the return of a benchmark!

“I spoke with Andrés Ricaurte, I wanted to know what he felt and if he wanted to return to Medellín. I also asked him about what role he saw that he could give us the best. I need to build partnerships that invite each other to play games. He will be with us the next year “, said the DT in a press conference.

And alternately, the DIM announced four important outings on its social networks: Robert Harrys, Javier Reina, Leonardo Castro and Agustín Vuletich.

Regarding the case of the attacker, who did not clash dressed in red, beyond some physical problems, the DT explained: “Vuletich is leaving because I am looking for something else and we also have to play with the quota of foreigners. I am thinking of other variants of offensive game that does not happen to have a man 9 of area “.

And watch out for the other news: “Bryan Castrillón made merits to return to the club, Ever Valencia did not have much participation but it was important. Matías Mier is not in the plans at this time, I have to meet Walter Rodríguez. Diber Cambindo will continue in the We lowered four youth players to their category, I do not want to elaborate on the issue of the inferiors, we are going to see what players serve us … Agreements are being reached with Mármolejo, Germán Gutiérrez has already renewed Arboleda, “he added.

Comesaña does not want to sell illusions: “You have to speak the truth to the fans. It may hurt a little, but a repeated lie is worse. We are looking for multi-functional players. Here it is not the one who spends the most that wins, but the one who builds the best, having expensive players they create difficulties.

It does not mean that it is not ambitious, after being left out of the current finals: “If I believe that with the squad I have it is not to classify among the eight, I am able to say that ko is not enough for me and I am leaving. In the meantime I’m going to be here, “he concluded.




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