Borussia Mönchengladbach: The young and wild give Gladbach hope! – Bundesliga

2021 was not only a difficult year for Borussia in terms of sport, but also in terms of transfers …

► Clear text from manager Max Eberl (48): “Although we made almost no transfers in the end, it was still one of the most stressful transfer periods of my tenure. Corona has completely changed the market. It has become very complicated, you have to come to terms with that. “

Nevertheless: Although not every transfer could be realized in the end, Eberl snapped at a trio – and these young wild ones are now giving Gladbach hope.

Eberl: “In the end we had to bake somewhat smaller rolls and only brought three younger guys in Joe Scally, who had already come in winter, as well as Luca Netz and Manu Koné. All three have given new impulses and earned their work. In retrospect, they turned out to be the winners of the first half of the season. “

Indeed: Scally (20) was the only field player in all 17 league games in the starting line-up and ended up fourth among the professionals who ran the most kilometers in the league.

Koné (20) injured himself in preparation, played his first game on matchday 6 – and then, thanks to strong performances, was always in the starting line-up until his yellow card suspension in Hoffenheim.

Netz (18), who could still play U19, was already on the pitch in 8 of the 17 league games – with so much commitment that he had to get out early with cramps twice.

These young and wild ones give Gladbach hope for a complicated second half of the season!




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