The judge releases the Vilafant judo teacher detained for sexual abuse of minors

It imposes the obligation of periodic appearances in court and isolation and isolation with the complainants

The investigating court 4 of Figueres has provisionally released the Vilafant (Alt Empordà) judo teacher arrested this Monday for sexually abusing minors whom he taught. After going to court, the judge has agreed, in accordance with the measures requested by the prosecution, to be released with measures such as the obligation to appear periodically in court and the isolation and removal from the complainants. The case is open for a crime of sexual abuse. The investigation began last week around the complaints of three mothers.

The judge has granted provisional release for the judo teacher arrested for sexual abuse of minors. The arrested man has appeared this noon but has only answered questions from his defense – the judge has not asked him.

As explained by the lawyer and spokesperson for the complaining families, Olga Carbonell, the lawyer for the arrested person has limited himself to asking him questions related to his roots in the area, “he has not entered the bottom line.” “After that, the judge has not seen the need to appear in prison,” said Carbonell, who regretted that the decision was communicated to the press while the interrogation was still underway. “It is incomprehensible that in a case like this, the decision is already written and notified to the press,” he said.

Carbonell has said that now they will have to study it but has advanced that, apart from two appearances in court per month, his passport will also be withdrawn. In addition, she has been forced to withdraw from the complainants and expressly prohibited from having any type of contact with other students to avoid possible “coercion”.

“For this reason, we believe that now it is very important for families to do their job because they have to be aware that they like it or things may not have happened,” said the lawyer. In this sense, he has encouraged families to send them evidence. “We will contact them and anything, although it may seem trivial, that they send it to us because we need a prison appearance and if we have evidence, it can be done,” he added.

In relation to that, he has said that they will now study whether to appeal the judicial decision or if they wait to collect more evidence. “We are receiving many calls and I believe that the next few hours will be decisive if we can feed on more evidence or more complaints,” he added.

Carbonell has also detailed that of the three complaints that were made before the mossos of Figueres, two correspond to abuse of minors and another that brought the mother of another girl who is now of legal age but who would also have suffered when she was a minor.




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