The cycle of Néstor García at the head of the Argentine team began

From this Monday, the 2023 World Cup dream is underway for the Argentine major basketball team.

Under the orders of Néstor Rafael García from Bahia, the preselection began their training sessions at the Temple of Rock, the Sanitary Works stadium.

The details of the announcement of the Bahian DT.

It is with a view to the matches of the first FIBa qualifying window, which will be against Paraguay and will be played next Friday 26 (at 9:10 pm) and Saturday 27 (from 10:10 pm) in Obras.

Argentina performs its first practice with 11 players.

Marcos Mata, against Kevin Hernández in today’s practice at Obras.

This Tuesday morning the only two players from European basketball, Carlos Delfino and Juan Fernández, will join the double shift practice.

Also four other players from Instituto de Córdoba (Nicolás Romano, Martín Cuello, Tayavek Gallizzi and Luciano González).

Meanwhile, those who started the preparation today are Juan Brussino, Leandro Vildoza, Franco Baralle, Sebastián Orresta, Matías Solanas, Marcos Mata, Agustín Barreiro, Federico Aguerre, Martín Fernández, Kevin Hernández and Lautaro Berra.

The 2023 World Cup will be played jointly in Japan, the Philippines and Indonesia, from Friday, August 25 to Sunday, September 10.




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