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Maradona buried without a heart: ‘Fans wanted to steal it’

by archysport

The journalist with medical background, Nelson Castro, has written a book about Maradona’s health, and talked about it in an interview with the Argentine broadcaster El Trece.

hard core

He says that shortly after the death of the star footballer there were indications that supporters of the hard core of football club Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata were planning to steal the heart. So it was taken out, also because it was important for further investigation into the cause of death.

“It didn’t happen because it was quite a bold plan,” Castro said. “But the plans were discovered, so then the heart was taken out.”

According to Castro, it is more common for certain organs to be removed from the body of the deceased so that the funeral can take place while investigations into the death can go even further. That was also the case with Maradona, says the journalist.

The book contains more details about Maradona’s health situation just before his death. His heart would have weighed half a kilo, almost twice as heavy as a normal heart. According to Castro, this is partly because of two strokes that Maradona had previously.

Argentina is preparing to commemorate Thursday that Maradona died a year ago of a heart attack. The death of the football icon left the country in deep mourning. A new series of tributes to the footballer will follow in the coming week.

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