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PSG 7th, the 10 clubs that dominate the Champions League on premiums

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November 25, 2021 at 10:15 AM by Thomas

PSG exceeds € 50 million in bonuses won in the Champions League. Like ten other clubs at this stage of the tournament.

More than’a day of the group stage of the Champions League, before the opening of the eliminatory rounds. Eleven teams have already qualified, including the PSG, and the LOSC in ambush well placed, can also hope to stamp his ticket. The Mastiffs do not play in the same court as the Parisians, however, on the bonuses earned in this C1 (see their total here). This, mainly, because of the coefficient ranking, which rewards the last ten European seasons.

€ 52.66 million won by PSG since the start

Paris SG, with its past experience, is well ranked, and this is true of the cumulative bonuses won since the start of this Champions League, the addition of the bonus common to the 32 teams, performances in the group stage and of the UEFA coefficient. At this stage of the tournament, Paris rests on a total of 52.66 million euros, the seventh highest among all the clubs involved, this season 2021-2022.

Bayern Munich and Real Madrid dominate on bonuses

They are eleven to exceed 50 million euros, Ajax in addition to the ten listed below. This, important details, not taking into account the final share in addition to TV rights, calculated according to the number of clubs from the same country involved and the share paid by the broadcaster. Without that then, Bayern Munich dominates, to € 64.88 million guaranteed. Real Madrid follow close behind, to more than 63 million euros. In the top 10, eight clubs have qualified, Barça and Atlético Madrid will have to wait until the last lift to be fixed.

The 10 clubs that accumulate the most bonuses in the Champions League *

10. Atlético Madrid (Spain) = € 51,206,000
9. Manchester United (Angleterre) = 52 258 000 €
8. Liverpool (England) = € 52,380,000
7. Paris Saint-Germain (France) = € 52,662,000
6. Manchester City (Angleterre) = 55 265 000 €
5. FC Barcelona (Spain) = € 56,280,000
4. Juventus (Italy) = 57 539 000 €
3. Chelsea FC (England) € 59,813,000
2. Real Madrid (Spain) € 63,224,000
1. Bayern Munich (Allemagne) = € 64,887,000
* Hors marketpool

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