Pınar Karşıyaka reached its 6th victory in the Basketball Super League – Basketball News

Karşıyaka Head Coach Ufuk Sarıca congratulated his players who won in a difficult away game.

Noting that Yukatel Merkezefendi Municipality is fighting well with the support of its supporters, Sarıca said:

“Bonzie Colson, Akil Mitchell and Alex Tyus were absent. However, all of our players who took the time put up a great fight like a real team. Even though we fell behind at the beginning of the second half, we completely turned the balance of the game in our favor in the 6-7 minutes we played with short fives. The contribution of our players from the edge “Maybe we will finish a difficult week as the leader again. It is a proud thing for our community, I congratulate everyone.”

The green-red team, which had 6 wins and 1 defeat in the 7th week of the league, will host Beşiktaş Icrpyex on Sunday, 14 November in the 8th week of the league.

Izmir representative will face BAXI Manresa in Spain on Tuesday, November 9, in the 4th week of the FIBA ​​Champions League Group B.





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