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Max Scherzer agrees with the Mets for three years

by archysport

A big pitcher lands in New York. Max Scherzer has reached an agreement with the New York Mets on the terms of a three-year contract, worth about $ 130 million.

Jon Heyman was the first on the news.

So it’s a contract of $ 43.33 million per season. Scherzer will therefore become the largest annual employee in the history of major baseball, all positions combined.

At 37, one wonders if this is the last contract of his MLB career.

The right-hander has long been one of the players most involved with the Players Association. Taking a contract of 43 million dollars per year was “under his responsibility” to raise the bar for the next contracts of star players.

And with the work stoppage coming soon, this subject will be discussed a lot in the league offices, I’m sure.

Going back to today’s news, the Mets have massive money. It’s a three-year contract, so it’s very reasonable. In addition, Scherzer deserves his salary, he who has maintained all-star statistics throughout his career.

In the second year, the right-hander might decide to test the market.

I wouldn’t want to face the Mets as a curtain raiser, me… Jacob deGrom and Max Scherzer will be the first two starting pitchers of the season.

Steve Cohen’s team is not there to fool around. After acquiring Eduardo Escobar, Mark Canha and Starling Marte, another big name is coming to town. We said the same thing last year, but the Mets will be dangerous this year.

In addition to the annual $ 43 million, Scherzer will receive an additional $ 15 million from the Washington Nationals. He will therefore earn approximately $ 58 million annually for the next three years.

With training like this, New York will not be able to afford not to make the playoffs.

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