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Judo: the Biterrois Franck Filaine wins his 6th dan in front of a jury of senior officials in Paris

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A new belt color for the Central Judo Béziers teacher who will now tie a white and red one.

Like the members of the jury who had just judged his performance, Franck Filaine smiled broadly on Sunday morning. On the tatami mats of the National Judo Institute in Paris, the Central Judo Béziers teacher had just passed his 6th dan exam.

“Going to a jury is not easy”

In front of an audience of high-ranking officers – including Serge Feist, one of the rare 9th dan in France – he had just demonstrated all his technique. In the end, it was received with honors unanimously by the jury. A decision that marks a decisive step in the life of a judoka. Goodbye the black belt! At 46, Franck Filaine will now be able to tie the white and red belt of senior judo officers.

It is obviously a very personal satisfaction, he comments. It is a permanent questioning to get there. And appearing before a jury is not easy. I have never stopped working! “. Sunday’s performance, it’s been nearly a year since the Hérault technical advisor has been preparing it. And to continue: “To hear from the jury that what I presented gave them pleasure, makes me think that we did not work for nothing!”.

“Without them, I wouldn’t have made it”

Because Franck does not forget his entire team who supported him during his preparation until the presentation to the jury. “Without them, I wouldn’t have made it, he concedes in all humility. I always say that judo is the most collective individual sport. Without partners, nothing can be done. And they have always been there for me! ” Let us quote Louis Guiseppi, 7th dan, partner for kata, Lukas Fauli, 1st dan, for judo, and Yann Autié, 4th dan, for ju-jitsu / self-defense. To which we must add Michel Casse, 7th dan, and Mario Autié, 6th dan.

It is also with emotion that the latter attended this superb performance on Sunday, he who created the Central with Franck’s father, Jean-Claude Filaine in 1977. “Franck is like my son, he is part of the family! I am proud of him and for him. He deserves it so much. He is a technical manager, a national trainer: he is competent and respected for his work in judo. grade sums up all the work accomplished since he started judo at the age of 5! “

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