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“I started going to gay clubs, and I loved it”

by archysport

Despite a generally very busy schedule, some NBA stars manage to frequent nightlife establishments. A legend of the Bulls for example confessed to have surveyed the gay clubs during his career, and to have quickly taken a liking to it!

Evolving in the most prestigious league in the world, does not necessarily imply having an irreproachable hygiene of life. Many icons in the league have proven that it is possible to excel on the floors, while not necessarily taking care of your body or watching your sleep. This is still the case today, but appeared to be much more consistent in the past.

Far from carefully monitoring the daily lives of their players, as it can be the case nowadays, franchises mostly let their elements run free, when these funds were not in their facilities. Former NBA glories have therefore taken the opportunity to lead a life of debauchery, without suffering on the ground.

Dennis Rodman and the San Antonio Gay Community

The best example of the genre is undoubtedly Dennis Rodman, and its extra-sporting activities, each more eccentric than the next. In a recent interview with GQ, the former interior of the Bulls, for example, openly reconsidered its habits with regard to its night outings. He thus reveals to have placed himself as a follower of gay establishments during his time at Spurs.

In San Antonio, I started going to gay clubs, and I loved it. I started to bring drag queens to my matches. When you talk to people in the gay community, drags and stuff like that, they’re so fucking happy. They got their heads so high every damn day, man. They are not ashamed of anything. They never try to prove anything, they just live their lives.

In search of that same joie de vivre, The Worm has gradually included itself in the gay community of San Antonio, and adopted the same I-don’t care. This character trait is still its peculiarity nowadays, and has allowed it to appear over the years with haircuts and in outfits as colorful as they are crazy, without being afraid of the eyes of others!

Rather discreet and all-purpose before his arrival at Spurs, Dennis Rodman encountered an unprecedented culture there, in which he quickly identified. All to become one of the most folkloric characters in NBA history!

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