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Dangerous premium (daily newspaper Junge Welt)

by archysport

Careful, peppered load!

Naked scanners at the entrance, ankle cuffs for hooligans, extensive video surveillance of the stadium area – there has been no shortage of ideas to crack down on football fans domestically in recent years. The latest proposal comes from Hessen. The flush of anger rises straight into my face, at the same time I want to pat myself on the thigh with laughter.

The state of Hesse would like to introduce a special bonus for police officers. According to this, members of “Team Blau” will receive 2,000 euros if they are injured by attacks while on duty. In times when police violence is being discussed more and more loudly, while more and more scandals are becoming known among the police, the bonus would be a fatal sign. Football fans in particular are familiar with situations in which police officers act disproportionately and in no way act de-escalating. Here a nudge, there a verbal provocation, after the third beer you can lose your nerve as a fan. If there is a reaction against the officer in such a situation, the payment of the bonus is reasonably likely.

Because: what is it anyway, an injury? A sprained finger, a twisted foot? And who will check the accuracy of the official’s statement? If one adds in the spirit of the corps and the often associated false statements in court, the premium is very likely to lead to even more provocations.

Community policing looks different in any case. And if the state of Hesse doesn’t know what to do with all the money: fan projects usually don’t get enough of it.

“Sport free!” From the fan lawyer.

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