Harasses and threatens the ex to scar her with acid, 42-year-old craftsman makes a 16-month bargain

MACERATA – Threatened to be scarred with theacid, then phone calls, messages, videos and photos to haunt her after she broke off their romantic relationship. A 42-year-old craftsman from Corridonia negotiates a year and four months of imprisonment for stalking. Once he had also sent the messages to his ex’s sister threatening that he would “knock out all the teeth of the ex partner with a baseball bat.”

The nightmare for a 30-year-old from Macerata would have started last summer shortly before and immediately after the end of the relationship with the partner with whom she had had two children. According to the accusatory reconstruction, one day the man would have kicked and punched the door of the new apartment where the woman had moved after the end of their cohabitation, he would have sent her messages and made calls several times, offending her and threatening her with death. Once he sent her a video in which, in an evident state of alteration, he showed her a firework. Then the constant calls, at night he showed up at home and buzzed on the intercom insistently, on the day of his birthday he sent her a message: “Greetings, the gift should have arrived” referring to a credit of one euro made on her PostePay. On another occasion he had sent her a photo of his new partner’s car, then threatened to use acid against her.

Last September, the message to the victim’s sister in which he promised to attack the ex with a baseball bat. Eventually the woman, terrified and anxious for both her own safety and that of her children, had decided to report him. Yesterday the story came to the attention of the Gup of the Court of Macerata Domenico Potetti. The 42-year-old, through the lawyer Sandro Giustozzi, negotiated a one-year and four-month prison sentence with the public prosecutor Rita Barbieri. The former partner was protected by the lawyer Monica Attili, replaced yesterday in the courtroom by her colleague Emanuela Costantini.





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