Four matches, four victories. Lindberg brought a winning mood to Vítkovice

“It’s very nice to score the first goal. We have a good series now, it helps me feel good, “explained Lindberg, who in the second period benefited from the return to the line-up of Vladimír Svačina from his good work at the guardrail.

Vítkovice won four matches in a row for the second time in a season. However, they did not make the easy way to three points against the Motor. In the opening third, they had the guests from the south of Bohemia score twice and had to turn the match around. This succeeded and Vítkovice jumped to the sixth place in the table thanks to three points. Dominik Lakatoš scored the next two goals, scoring seven goals in the seventh match after returning from Finland.

“It simply came to our notice then. We are in really good shape now and we want to use it to play the best possible position before the playoffs, “said Lindberg, for whom the 1: 2 goal was a premiere both in Vítkovice and in the season.

He won against a team that started in Ostrava in the same color jerseys as worn in Södertälje, from where he came to Vítkovice. “The yellow jerseys surprised me, they reminded me of a home that I understandably miss. But the guys on the team are fine, they help me a lot, “smiled the native of Stockholm.

Photo: Jaroslav Ožana, ČTK

The players of Pilsen are happy with the second goal. From left Gustaf Thorell from Pilsen, Tomáš Mertl from Pilsen, Michal Bulíř from Pilsen, Ludwig Blomstrand from Pilsen and Peter Čerešňák from Pilsen.Photo: Jaroslav Ožana, ČTK

The former youth representative is the sixth Swede in the extraleague. “I know Ludwig Blomstrand very well, who is in Pilsen. We are friends. He only told me good things about extralize, so I had a lot of information. I recommended moving here. He said that the Czechia is a great country, that great fans go to hockey. And that’s right, the fans are fine, even though there are restrictions, “said the Swedish striker, who a few years ago tried his luck in the best hockey competition in the world.

In the 2015/2016 season, he played in the NHL in six games for the Toronto Maple Leafs and scored two passes. “But I was only in the first team for two weeks. There is a lot to come together to get there. I’ve seen a piece of the world ever since. I was very well traded, it was a difficult period even off the ice, “said Lindberg, who was exchanged overseas by Ottawa, Toronto, Vegas and Pittsburgh. But he didn’t get more chances in the first team.” But my dream came true, it played I’m the NHL. I won’t forget that. “



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