BWF World Tour Finals 2021 Rankings: Lee Zii Jia Tops Viktor Axelsen’s Overtake, Anthony Ginting Lags Away

JOMBANG UPDATE – Even though he didn’t win the Hylo Open 2021, Lee Zii Jia’s ranking update for the 2021 BWF World Tour Finals peaked and moved Viktor Axelsen. Meanwhile, Anthony Sinisuka Ginting was far behind.

As is known, the ranking updates for the BWF World Tour Finals 2021 are always carried out after every match, including the Hylo Open 2021 which ended on November 7, 2021.

The ranking update for the BWF World Tour Finals 2021 in the men’s singles and other sectors will be carried out today, 9 November 2021. There have been many changes, including the top 8 rankings.

Check out the latest BWF World Tour Finals 2021 rankings for the men’s singles below. Including Lee Zii Jia who peaked to shift the position of Viktor Axelsen and Anthony Sinisuka Ginting who were still left behind. How about Jonathan Christie and Shesar Hiren Rhustavito?

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Although he decided to retire due to injury and ultimately did not win the Hylo Open 2021, Lee Zii Jia’s updated BWF World Tour 2021 rankings showed an increase in points and the Malaysian athlete is now in first place.

Meanwhile, Viktor Axelsen, who decided to resign since the French Open 2021, did not get any points so his position is now down one level after being kicked out by Lee Zii Jia.

Singapore’s men’s singles Loh Kean Yew showed a sharp improvement in the updated ranking of the BWF World Tour Finals 2021 after winning the 2021 Hylo Open. Loh Kean Yew rose 22 places from 38th to 16th position.



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