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by archysport

Saturday, November 20, in Langogne, the Lozère judo committee organized the first departmental days for a year and a half. In the morning, it was the youngest (judo awakening categories, 2016-2017), who set foot on the tatami again. Five children from Florac participated in four technical workshops. After an hour and a half of activities, Callyste, Abel, Charlotte and Gabriel graduated, proud to wear their first judoka medal.

Then, the 2014-2015 took place for the tournament of the little wolves. There were six of them who had to perform judo skill demonstrations in front of older teachers and judokas, including Robin, a blue belt cadet.

Among girls, Louna has a total of 9 validations out of 10; Abigaelle, 6 and Lily Rose, 5. In boys, Hoel has a total of 7 validations out of 10; Lucas, 6 and Dylan, 5.

At the end of the day, a cadet meeting took place with a participant from Florence, Robin, a new category for him. Despite strong opposition, he defended himself to the end. The next meeting will take place in March.

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