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Alain Alberti: “Top 20 target for Pauline”

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As in Florida at the end of October for the stage-II of the LPGA Access Cards, Alain Alberti is again present this week in Alabama with Pauline Roussin-Bouchard for the first round of the Q-Series (144 holes in fifteen days). Impressions.

Par Lionel VELLA

Pauline Roussin-Bouchard and Alain Alberti, his trainer, arrived on Sunday evening at Mobile (Alabama) where is held between Thursday and Sunday the first act (on 72 holes) of the finals of the access cards of the LPGA Tour. They found the osteopath there Francois Teissedre-Dalou and the cart Sebastien clement (arrived Monday evening).

Together, they began on Monday the reconnaissance (nine holes only) of the Magnolia Grove made up of two courses (Falls and Crossings). Still mixed with the members of the club this Monday, the serious things do not finally begin until this Tuesday.

First skimming Sunday evening

« There are trees, the fairways are wide enough, the greens, a bit American-style, are rather large and sloping, explains Alain Alberti. There is not a lot of water, unlike what you can usually find in Florida … »

The goal for Pauline Roussin-Bouchard, winner of Stage-II on October 24 in Florida, is obviously to overcome this first pitfall (110 players at the start, the first 70 and tied for the second act scheduled from December 9 to 12 in Dothan, still in Alabama) and to aim for the final top 20 which would achieve a full category in 2022 on the LPGA Tour. A top 45 would only offer a partial green fee.

It’s not as hard as a cut on a Major or finishing 30th at the Evian Championship.

Alain Alberti

« She is fine, reassures his coach. She is physically ready. You have to be patient in these Q-Series, have a solid mind because it’s still long. Eight laps to negotiate is no small feat. There will inevitably be moments of pressure that will not be pleasant, we will have to digest them. »

« But the end goal is obviously the top 20, he adds. Compared to what she has done or proved for six months-a year, it is in her strings… The field this week is good but it is not that of an LPGA Tour tournament either. In my opinion, it’s less hard than making a cut on a Major or finishing 30th on theEvian Championship. »

Fifteen days in Alabama

Morale is therefore high before the start of “hostilities” on Thursday. Moreover, to put all the assets on her side, Pauline Roussin-Bouchard will always be able to count on her coach who will remain with her during the fifteen days of the competition.

« It would indeed be ridiculous to only be there for a week, he concludes. It is an important week for Pauline because it can allow her to obtain a full caté on the LPGA in 2022. It is not nothing! »

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