11 Espanyol ultras sentenced for attacking and rendering a left-wing fan unconscious

A Barcelona judge has sentenced 11 Espanyol ultras to up to three months in prison for assaulting and knocking out a fan of the same team for associating him with “lto the ideology of groups and the extreme left “, in a judgment of conformity in which all the defendants have acknowledged the facts.

The sentence, consulted by Europa Press, condemns them for a injury crime with the aggravating circumstances of abuse of superiority and discrimination based on ideology. Two of the defendants have accepted a three-month prison sentence –that they will not comply for not having a record and being a sentence of less than two years– and the rest to fines of between 3,600 and 1,800 euros.

They have also accepted a restraining order from the Espanyol Stadium and the victim, and between all they will have to compensate you with 22,496 euros.

The ruling explains that the 11 ultras belong to RCDE FIRM, an extreme right-wing section of the La Curva Association, and they reject the 1991 Peña Juvenil Españolista, to which the victim belongs, because “associate it with an ideological tendency typical of extreme left groups, compared to the one they maintain, considering it antagonistic to his – which defends extreme social values ​​typical of the extreme right – a belligerent position “.

The proven facts of the sentence relate that at dawn on May 1, 2016, during the celebration of the April Fair, the defendants went to the tent that the Peña Juvenil Españolista 1991 had installed, where they attacked the boy with punches and kicks all over the body.

They cornered him on the bar, he fell to the ground unconscious and they continued kicking him until someone else called them and they left, leaving the boy on the ground with wounds that have left a 3-centimeter scar on his head.

The judge also considers proven that “It was not the first time that members of RCDE FIRM expressed that animosity towards the Peña Juvenil Españolista 1991 and towards others to whom they assigned opposing ideologies”, and states that they usually wear garments with slogans linked to extreme right-wing groups, and mentions Hogar Social Madrid and Casal Tramuntana.




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