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Will an injured Lakers return very soon?

by archysport

Deprived of several important rotation players since the start of the season, the Lakers can hope to bounce back from their returns. One of the residents of the infirmary could just find the competition quickly according to Frank Vogel!

Faced with the new composition of the team’s roster, the fears of observers were quick to focus on a very specific area. They were verified even before the season started. Holders of a very high average age, the Lakers quickly had to deal with several injuries. It was therefore without four players from his group that Frank Vogel had to start the regular campaign.

Without his main superstars being affected, the technician could still regret the absence of these four elements, capital in his rotation. Trevor Ariza, Wayne Ellington, Talen Horton-Tucker and Kendrick Nunn could indeed have helped their teammates against the Warriors and Suns. For the time being, however, they must be content to observe their own setbacks from the infirmary.

Wayne Ellington on his way back to the Lakers

At the dawn of the Grizzlies reception, this Sunday at Staples Center, Vogel was able to make a small update on the state of form of his affected players after the last training session. Ariza and Horton-Tucker on the sidelines for several more weeks, he was able to focus on the state of health of the other two injured. And according to him, Wayne Ellington could make his debut in his new colors as early as the coming week!

It must always be followed on a day-to-day basis. I’m not really sure what he did on the floor. Our group hasn’t done much as a whole, so I’m not sure if he did a pre-workout or not, but he still won’t be available (tonight). We hope he can make his comeback during the next week. But for now, it’s still day-to-day.

Quickly signed by the Angelinos following the opening of the free agency, Ellington has gradually asserted himself as a potential holder in the eyes of his coach. This, before his physique catches up with him at the very end of the preparation, and pushes him to miss the first two games of his franchise. Once these health concerns are removed, however, he could occupy a nice role in the rotation of LA.

Admittedly clumsy during the preseason, the veteran shooter has shown that he would never hesitate to try his luck behind the arc. It also seems unlikely that his percentages this season will stay at 25.0% away. Therefore, his appearances on the floor could well help LeBron James, Russell Westbrook and others, who will undoubtedly benefit from the spacing he will bring!

Not yet able to play the game against Memphis, Wayne Ellington could make his recovery during the upcoming road trip of the Lakers, against the Spurs or the Thunder. Good news for Frank Vogel and his men.

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