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Saint-Cyr / Menthon – A new association to practice archery

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Barely created, the association is already enjoying great success, but is still waiting for a space to practice outdoors.

A new association has come to enrich the associative landscape of Saint-Cyr-sur-Menthon in this month of October. This is an archery club whose first session was held on October 6.

It is Jean-Marc Grelet who took the presidency of the club, he is accompanied by his daughter Sabrina Viellard-Grelet who teaches with him. In the family, everyone fell into the archery pot when he was little. Jean-Marc has created clubs wherever he has lived for 25 years: Montceau-le-Mines, Châtillon-sur-Chalaronne, and now Saint-Cyr. Sabrina was twelve times champion of France and eight times vice-champion. Her husband and two sons also practice. This complete sport is in great demand at the moment, because it naturally imposes a physical distance that is not found in team sports. This is why many clubs are refusing the world in the face of this growing demand. The practice of archery allows you to channel your attention, to become aware of your environment, to develop your concentration and precision, and therefore your mind. Anyone can shoot an archery, it is an activity that can either be a hobby or become a competition. Moreover, Jean-Marc hopes to take some young practitioners to the French championships. It is possible to practice from the age of 7 years depending on its morphology, and up to 80 years and over.

A good start

The Saint-Cyr club is the only club in the Veyle territory to be affiliated with the French Archery Federation. From the first class, 22 members presented themselves. Their age ranges from 8 to 78 years old. During the winter, lessons take place in the multipurpose hall of Saint-Cyr. From April, they will take place outdoors, but the municipality has not yet found a suitable place. In a room, you need a setback of at least 18 meters and outdoors about 100 meters. This sport requires a license, therefore a medical certificate.

Expensive equipment

As for the equipment, Jean-Marc and Sabrina financed it out of their personal funds to start the activity. They invested in the purchase of 29 bows, room protection nets and targets. For this first year, they rent the equipment to the members. Subsequently, if the latter choose to continue the practice of this sport, it is necessary to consider the purchase of his personal equipment. The club will be limited to 30 members to be able to teach in good conditions.

To make itself known, the association will be present on Friday, October 15 on the itinerant market which passes in Saint-Cyr from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Whenever possible, activities will be offered at events of this type.

Contact : Jean-Marc at 06 12 11 61 48 or Sabrina at 06 15 87 28 79/[email protected]

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