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Runaway members and a hopeful initiative: Zeeland indoor sports clubs are recovering after the corona year

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At badminton association de Sjuttul from Oostburg, it was often a busy affair before corona. Every Wednesday, Sporthal de Eenhoorn was filled with twenty, sometimes thirty fanatic badminton players. “In a year and a half we have lost almost half of our members,” says chairman Evie Ploegaert.


The club recently made a gesture to the remaining members: the contribution for this badminton season has been reduced by half. “Because we didn’t use the hall, the costs were less high. In this way we also hope to encourage members to remain a member of De Sjuttul.”

It was less with the seniors, but with the youth we are growing.”

Ilco Koeman, chairman KV Volharding

At korfball club Volharding in Yerseke they approach it in a different way. The association did not ask for a contribution from the members during the corona season. “Last year we ran into some financial issues from the past that had to be resolved,” said chairman Ilco Koeman.

To compensate, the contribution is now 150 percent. The money will be used, among other things, for the purchase of new materials. Koeman hopes that the association will be back to normal as soon as possible. The membership base remained reasonably stable. “It became less with the seniors, but the youth is now picking up again, so it keeps each other in balance.”

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Omroep Zeeland made a tour of the sports clubs in our province. Before corona, a decrease in the number of members was visible at indoor sports clubs in particular. It differs per sport how that has developed in the last year and a half. For example, the number of korfball players at Zeeland clubs has remained stable over the past year, but the membership of many table tennis associations has shrunk.

After a year and a half delay at badminton club ‘t Pluumpje from Goes, they are happy that they can finally start with an important mission for the club: recruiting new members. “Retaining, but especially expanding our membership base is something we have been struggling with for years,” says chairman Paul Harbers van ‘t Pluumpje.

New Members by Try Badminton

At the beginning of this month, the association could finally start with Try Badminton, an initiative of the badminton association in which clubs throughout the Netherlands can introduce people to the sport without obligation. ‘t Pluumpje currently has eight ‘Try badminton players’. “Exactly what we hoped for. For people who want to try badminton, the threshold is less high. The sport and association are new to them, but that is less scary in a group.”

According to Harbers, the promotion has already been successful, but as much fun as Try Badminton may be; eventually ‘t Pluumpje should bring in a few new members. “We hope for that too. We try to reach people through flyers and social media, but the best advertising is enthusiastic word of mouth.”

Try Badminton will run until the end of this year and is also in Zeeland at BC de Asteroids in Oost-Souburg, VSV Marathon in Vlissingen and BC den Ossaert in Hulst. For more information, go to www.probeerbadminton.nu.


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