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Dragged through the mud, James Harden receives a lot of support

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James Harden is particularly disappointing at the start of the season with declining statistics, a dubious address, and above all a deplorable attitude. But despite all the legitimate criticism, he received tremendous support internally.

With the absence of Kyrie Irving for the season, or at least until he is vaccinated, James Harden had to regain all his influence in the Nets game and be No. 1 bis alongside Kevin Durant. Very involved this summer to return to 100% after his long and painful hamstring injury, he had in particular destroyed poor adolescents not concerned enough with training, he does not yet see the results of his work.

Indeed, the Bearded Man is only a shadow of himself on the first four games of the Nets season, and the new anti-Harden rules given to referees are not necessarily responsible. Because beyond a few blows of the whistle less, it simply does not seem more aggressive. His penetrations are uncertain, his shooting choices also, which gives a start to the season “only” 17.3 points on average.

James Harden in big physical shape

Does he have a psychological block that prevents him from giving everything, does he still have some pain in his leg that prevents him from attacking with confidence? Nobody really knows, but in Brooklyn we still support the leader. Before the reception of Washington on Monday, Steve Nash had strong words towards his player. He may be mediocre physically, he retains the confidence of the whole franchise.

James Harden remains an excellent player, even though he is not in his best form, and we still believe in him. He will get to his healthy weight in the next few weeks.

James Harden would not be in good physical shape yet, which is quite surprising for a player who has worked a lot this summer and who has done the whole training camp with his teammates … It is in his interest to work extra hard to find his best and help the Nets reach a decent place in the standings. All the more so as his genius stands out at times, all that is missing is consistency.

Steve Nash also a share of responsibility in this case. As a trainer, he must ensure the good form and the good preparation of his troops …

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