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Rudy Gobert destroys: “There is only your mother to appreciate your perf”

by archysport

Huge since the start of the season, Rudy Gobert does not escape occasional criticism. The latest, however, is below the belt, since it involves the mother of the triple Defender of the Year! You have to calm down, there …

If last season had ended in big disappointment for him and his teammates, it seems that Rudy Gobert knew how to put it aside to attack the current campaign. After three games, the Jazz is already on the podium of the Western Conference, only ahead of the Warriors but with a perfect record. The Stifle Tower is also in Olympic form since the resumption, turning at 18.7 points and 19 (!) Rebounds per game! This is called double bites.

Recently opposed to Denver, Utah took the opportunity to send a big message to the league, by winning 122-110 at the end of a game masterfully managed in the money time. The Nuggets have also suffered a stroke of fate, the MVP Nikola Jokic due out on injury after clash with Rudy. What does it matter for the French, who has decided to seize the opportunity to fly. In total, 23 points and 16 rebounds fell into his own pocket.

Kevin Harlan trashes Rudy Gobert for his clumsy throwing

The only downside for Gobzilla: his skill in free throws, which left something to be desired against the Nuggets. With only 9/16 on the line, the interior has indeed wasted a lot of cartridges which would have inflated his stats, but also the advance of his team. This has earned him a punchline of incredible violence! This one is signed Kevin Harlan, veteran commentator who can also be heard on the games. NBA2K :

Kevin Harlan on Rudy Gobert’s free throws last night: “a performance that only a mother can love”.

For the trouble, we remain stunned in front of such a verbal outing. We would not be at all surprised that the Frenchy did not appreciate either … As the voice of the league and the media, Harlan certainly should not have allowed such a statement on the air. Even if we imagine that Rudy’s haters must have had a party when they heard his words …

Fortunately, this inglorious incident does not change the result of the match. Thanks to this big victory, the Jazz remain undefeated over the current season and therefore seem to have started again on the same bases as last year. Quin Snyder and his men, however, hope for a different outcome, they who failed in the second round against the Clippers. This time, Mormons hope to go further, and maybe even to the end.

We will have to wait to see if Rudy Gobert reacts to Kevin Harlan’s brutal sentence, but he would in any case have the legitimacy. Some things cannot be said publicly …

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