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Results of Benalmádena – IES La Orden, Day 2 of the Top 10 Badminton

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The second day of the regular phase of the badminton top 10 showed that the trend of this season is clear: equality, spectacle and vibrant encounters. The new scoring system, together with the level of the squads, guarantees an even competition.

This equality means that the matches are decided by small factors, and the quality and experience of the people from Huelva, led by Pablo Abián and the Portuguese Telma Santos, were key to unbalance the balance with a 2-5 final.

The match began with the local debut of the Norwegian number 1 Sofia Mascali that would be paired with the Danish Malthe Nielsen, two young promises who have joined the Malaga team. And as one would say in bullfighting slang, it was a debut in a first-class square, as they faced Pablo Abián and Haideé Ojeda, one of the best couples of the last decade, who won by a tight 11-8 / 6- 11 / 11-8 / 5-11 / 5-11.

The options for victory were to win in one of the next two doubles, and it came on the fast track by winning in three rounds. Manuel Vázquez and José Molares to Víctor Martín and Adrián Márquez for 11-9 / 11-9 / 11-7. Mixed luck for the female doubles, where Ainoa Cuervas y Elena Lorenzo they lost in four sets to Telma Santos and Haideé Ojeda by 6-11 / 11-6 / 5-11 / 7-11.

The singles round began with the Huelva team lining up its two best No. 2 players, and was key to the final victory, thanks to a Pablo Abián who suffered to beat a Malthe Nielsen who forced the Spanish champion to play his best badminton , showing why he is the best national player of all time. The result was 11-7 / 5-11 / 8-11 / 2-11. For their part, the Benalmadenses hoped that Sofía Mascali could with the Portuguese Telma Santos, and probably the pressure of the debut and the responsibility played against her, since in such an even game the unforced failures were decisive for the Portuguese to add the fourth point for IES La Orden and therefore sealed the victory in the match (9-11 / 8-11 / 11-6 / 8-11).

In the final round of singles, Manuel Vázquez put the second point on Benalmádena’s locker by beating Alejandro Pérez by 11-8 / 11-4 / 11-5 on the fast track, while Elena Lorenzo lost against Laura Santos by 11-4 / 10-11 / 7-11 / 6-11.


Coach Lucas Quirós, analyzes the defeat: “I have a very bittersweet taste, I look at the scoreboard and I see again much more difference than is reflected on the track. I am concerned that we do not know how to close the sets or that we make so many unforced errors, which with such a short scoring system are key. Although we know that we have a very young squad from whom we can only demand struggle and effort, and they have given everything on the track ”.

For his part, Manuel Vázquez, player who added the two points for the locals, analyzes the match: “It was a shame, small details have marked the match and there the quality of IES La Orden is demonstrated. Very happy for the level shown by Malthe and Sofía, which will surely go further and give us a lot of joy. On a personal level, I am happy for the good feelings in the doubles and also for my victory in singles. It’s time to work and keep adding ”.

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