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Despite the goalless draw against Envigado Fútbol Club, Deportivo Independiente Medellín continues to add and trusts that it will classify among the eight, if it continues to rise in football, or at least that is what coach Julio Comesaña thinks, who in a conference of The press appreciated the performance of their managers and is optimistic for the next meetings

“In the previous talk with the players, Envigado is a team that presses the first 25 minutes of play, for this game it included more mixed midfielders than forwards. We had a classic ’10’ midfielder like (Javier) Reina, two wingers and a pointed forward. They did not pressure us much, but they did not let us develop the game, it was difficult for us to associate clearly in the first half, in the second half they took more precautions, they defended themselves very well, but in our field they did not disturb us. 18 shots were made, of which two went to the goal, it is not what we intend, but it is our reality. Sometimes we get carried away by euphoria and expectations are excessive, this campus is limited in quantity and its design to my liking must be different ”, highlighted the Uruguayan.

Regarding the start of the complementary stage of Javier Reina, the strategist explained that “Javier (Reina) contracted his hamstring muscle, he could not perform and it was a risk that he continued playing.”

Regarding the performance of his team, Julio stressed that “the rescue that the team tried despite the efforts of the rival, it cost us that defensive work from Envigado. We must review and continue trying to improve in the pursuit of being a more reliable team ”.

Finally, the coach spoke about what his team must improve if he wants to add more wins and be a consistent team. Next Saturday’s classic against Atlético Nacional will be a litmus test for DIM. “The elaboration and completion of plays is a general bad, we are in search of improvement, we have to think to repower the players who are in charge of interpreting the game. If there are opposing ideas, when the spaces are closed, you begin to see who can solve faster. We are trying, making some modifications, we have not looked messy, the defense is not a sieve. We must not do crazy things, if we had done wrong things, we would be talking about a defeat. Let’s go slowly, nothing was going to be easy ”.

For his part, Didier Bueno spoke about his offensive vocation and what he expects from his teammates on the attack front. “We had some options, they gave exit spaces. At the top, we lacked more connections to be more decisive in attack. At the top we have good players who have shown it, in this game we created options, but we were not able to be effective ”.

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