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NBA START | Who has the best super trio? – US SPORTS NBA BASKETBALL

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LeBron James (36) is hoarse. “I’ve yelled around a lot during the days, I want to get used to my colleagues as quickly as possible,” explains the basketball superstar in a scratchy voice. Before the start of the season of the NBA professional league next Tuesday, there is a lot to be done in training and a lot of commands are necessary. His Los Angeles Lakers have completely renewed their squad after an early play-off.

13 players are gone, including the German Dennis Schröder (28). Replaced by eleven new ones. The most important entry is playmaker Russell Westbrook, 32, a nine-time All-Star who came from Washington. “We brought in dynamic players like Russell, who brings energy, speed and ambition,” says James. “We feel that the transfers helped us to be a candidate for the championship.”


LeBron James wants his Lakers back to the NBA throne

Photo: Randall Benton/AP

With Westbrook, James and Anthony Davis (28) form the NBA’s new super trio. Three star players are now necessary to have realistic title chances. In the new season four such triumvirates fight for the title.

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The reigning champions Milwaukee held his trio with Giannis Antetokounmpo (26), playmaker Jrue Holiday (31) and winger Khris Middleton (30). Together they scored 66.2 points per game in 2020/21 and are the best of all the top trios. “We are far from full,” says Antetokounmpo. Milwaukee had the top attack with 120.1 points.

Just behind with 118.6 were the Brooklyn Nets with Kevin Durant (33), James Harden (32) and Kyrie Irving (31). These three even got 78.4 points per game – none of them have more offensive power. But they are prone to injury, missing 91 out of 216 season appearances. Irving is in trouble because he doesn’t want to be vaccinated against corona. The Nets then suspended him – how long is open. According to orders from the City of New York, he should not play at home without vaccination anyway.

Durant: “I definitely want Kyrie with me. I wish none of this happened, but that’s where we are. Kyrie made its decision and the team made its decision. “

Back there are the Golden State Warriors who were champions in 2015, 2017 and 2018. But top distance shooter Klay Thompson (31) was missing for the past two years – first cruciate ligament, then Achilles tendon tear. Now he wants to build on old successes with playmaker Stephen Curry (33) and winger Draymond Green (31). Experience speaks for the Warriors. Thompson is expected to return to full training in November – the first deployments are then planned for December.

When it comes to betting providers, the Lakers and Brooklyn are tied with 3: 1 odds, Milwaukee is 9: 1 and the Warriors are 10: 1. The Bucks have the fewest question marks, but when they are at their best, the other three teams are more manned. Antetokounmpo: “Nobody believes that we can do it again.” They want to show it now.


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