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LIVE: Manchester City and De Bruyne are warming up to Club Brugge | Premier League 2021/2022

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  1. 12′ – Goal – Bernardo Silva (1 – 0)

Club Brugge will visit on Tuesday, this afternoon Manchester City can already warm up against low flyer Burnley. Will it be a 5-0 win for City for the 5th time in a row?

  1. first half, minute 41. Volley from Sterling. Raheem Sterling wants to show himself as a basic player: with half a volley he tries to outwit Pope, without success. City’s dominance diminished somewhat at the end of the first half. .
  2. first half, minute 40. Stones misjudges a duel with Cornet and has to hurry to stop the French-Ivorian attacker. Cornet eagerly lies down in the penalty area, but Stones made no mistake. .
  3. first half, minute 37. Another chance for Burnley. Stones can still block a shot with his leg, but that leaves the track open for Brownhill. However, he is not a finisher: his shot goes wide. City can’t count themselves as certain yet. .
  4. first half, minute 36. Pope mistake? Nick Pope picks up a ball on the edge of the penalty area. According to City, he crossed the line with his feet, but the referee does not react. .
  5. first half, minute 34. Mahrez has already scored a lot against Burnley, but today it doesn’t work yet. The Algerian rams Foden’s cross into the stands. .
  6. first half, minute 31. Bad control De Bruyne. For the time being, it is not yet a top match for Kevin De Bruyne. After a bad assumption from the Red Devil, Burnley can recapture the ball. .
  7. first half, minute 29. Cancelo and Bernardo Silva are a constant threat on the right wing. Burnley can breathe a sigh of relief when Cancelo chokes on a ball. .
  8. first half, minute 26. Manchester City are not deterred by one chance from Burnley. The defense moves high again, allowing the home team to push Burnley into their own half. .
  9. first half, minute 24. Chance for Burnley. McNeil actually finds a hole in City’s defense. He puts attacker Cornet face to face with Steffen, but the replacement for goalkeeper Ederson can still block the shot. A warning from Burnley. .
  10. first half, minute 22. As expected, we get to see one-way traffic at the Etihad Stadium. It is unlikely that Philippe Clement will discover City’s weak spots on the basis of this match. .
  11. first half, minute 20. Burnley is crammed into the penalty area with 10 players. City is looking for a second hole in that wall. .
  12. first half, minute 17. De Bruyne is in a promising position, but Mahrez’s pass comes just too late. For example, the Red Devil has too little time to cut to his good foot. .
  13. first half, minute 15. Almost 2-0. Manchester City are looking forward to another 5-0 win. De Bruyne isolates Cancelo, who decides right on Pope. A shot from the second line still deviates on a leg of the Burnley defence. .
  14. first half, minute 14.
  15. first half, minute 12. There’s the opening goal already. After barely 12 minutes, it’s already price for City. Goalkeeper Nick Pope can still stop Foden’s placed shot, but has no chance on Bernardo Silva’s rebound. The Portuguese rams the ball against the ropes. .
  16. Goal in the first half, minute 12 by Bernardo Silva of Manchester City. 1, 0.
  17. first half, minute 12. Manchester City interferes on the right wing, but the pass is not followed in the penalty area. The home side patiently circles around Burnley’s danger zone. .
  18. first half, minute 8. Burnley hasn’t been able to venture too much across the halfway line yet. The visitors are running behind the ball for the time being in the opening minutes. .

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