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Ligue 1: why Khazri’s anthology goal remained invisible on social networks

by archysport

It is not to believe his eyes and ears in the age of social networks. On everyone’s lips this weekend, there was only the for the anthology goal, a lob of 68 m, that the Stéphanois striker Wahbi Khazri scored in Metz this Saturday afternoon. But this goal, hold on tight, officially, no one is supposed to see it on video on social networks before… this Monday.

The Ligue 1 broadcasters, Amazon Prime Video and Free, are obviously not authorized to publish the goals on Twitter and / or Instagram. As for the League (LFP), it intends to wait until November 1 to place Wahbi Khazri’s goal on its YouTube channel. But two days, in social media time, is an eternity. This Monday, the goal will be obsolete. Everyone will have seen it despite everything, because it is circulating. As for the LFP, it is widely criticized and mocked on said social networks.

Puzzled, Pierre Maes, specialist in football TV rights, undertakes to decipher the intentions of the LFP: “If Prime Video or Free had sold their rights to someone, I would understand (the reserves of the LFP) but no one exploits this goal on social networks. The LFP wants it to be on its YouTube channel, that’s all. Consequence: everyone will have seen this goal, given that it still circulates widely. The LFP waits for Monday because it is in its media device: On Monday, we put the goals on YouTube. »

By acting in this way, “the LFP encourages piracy”

Obviously, the LFP missed an opportunity to shine… “It’s a lost opportunity,” continues Maes. Admitting that they were facing contractual restrictions, for such a goal, it was still worth making a phone call to its broadcasters: There, we have an exceptional goal that we will still broadcast on social networks, because we are overwhelmed on all sides and we are laughed at … »

As reported by RMC, the League argues that it is leading an “active fight against piracy” and that “the goals are published on the networks of the LFP from Monday. Anyone can therefore achieve this goal without going through an illegal offer ”.

“The anti-piracy argument is incomprehensible,” says Maes. This is to say that the LFP cannot hack itself. From my point of view, fighting piracy would be about showing the goal in question. There, on the contrary, they encourage piracy. There is the rule and then there is the possible exception. By dint of LFP bashing, the LFP people should be fed up and reacting. “

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