Levanga Hokkaido, the first division of the B-League, defeated Fukushima Firebonds in the second division 92-76 and broke through the first match in two years.

In the league match against Shinshu on the 27th, he lost by a maximum of 22 points in the middle of the second quarter (Q). Director Kenichi Sako (51) inspires Daniel Miller (30), who scored only 7 goals in the 22nd minute, to “hit more aggressively.” Miller drew the victory by scoring 14 points, the most in the official game this season, saying, “The coach’s words worked.”

Shawn Long (28) scored 21 points and Demon Brooks (29) scored 16 points. If the deciding power of the team’s longest 211 cm mirror is added here, it will lead to the rise to the top in the league. Miller said, “I realized again that getting involved in the dots has a positive effect. I wish I could reduce the burden on Long and Brooks.” The foreign trio will be fully operational and the team will be strengthened.

Basketball Emperor’s Cup All Japan Championship 3rd round 2nd round breakthrough 2 teams + B league 1st division 16 teams (7th place or less in the previous year) + B league 2nd division 14 teams, a total of 32 teams participated. It will be held at 4 venues such as Hokkaido, and the 4 teams that topped the 1st place in each venue will advance to the 4th round (December 1st) and will play against the 4 teams in the B League 1st division (3rd to 6th in the previous year’s results).