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Keijuro Matsui’s words from SLAM DUNK. “There is really a moment when you can only see the ring” (October 30, 2021) –Excite News

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“SLAM DUNK” love talked about by B Leaguer
The fifth: Keijuro Matsui (Toyama Grouses)

“SLAM DUNK” was announced as a movie in January this year and will be released next fall. It was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump from 1990 to 1996, and is still a hugely popular manga. We asked B Leaguer, a man who loves basketball and “SLAM DUNK”, to talk about such a work again.

The 5th is Keijuro Matsui, also known as KJ Matsui, who transferred from Kyoto Hannaryz to Toyama Grouses this season.

Keijuro Matsui’s words from SLAM DUNK. “Click here for the image of the ring … >>

I sympathize with that letter because I spent my school days in the United States Ⓒ Takehiko Inoue IT Planning.Inc

――When did you first read “SLAM DUNK”?

“I read the whole volume very late. I had a long life in the United States, so I couldn’t get it even if I wanted it. I graduated from Columbia University in 2009 and returned to Japan, Levanga in the JBL era. I read it carefully for the first time in the year I started my professional career in Hokkaido. “

――Where was the scene that left an impression on you?

“It overlapped in a sense in the actual experience, or a letter that Tanizawa (Ryuji) who studied abroad in the United States could not send to Professor Anzai (Mitsuyoshi).” I was impressed with the words “I wonder if it was there.”

I dreamed of playing at NCAA Division I college and moved to the United States in my second year of middle school. I had been camping and working out in the US in advance, so of course I knew how high the level of American basketball was. Even so, I crossed the sea with a determined determination that I would definitely make my dream come true, but even when I became a high school student, my life in the second army continued for a long time, and I almost gave up my dream. Somewhere in my heart, I thought, “I wondered if I could get better if I came to America,” and thought about the same thing as Tanizawa. “


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