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Kat Kerkhofs will present pregnant ‘Dancing with the stars’…

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Great news from Naples: Kat Kerkhofs (33) and Dries Mertens (34) are expecting their first child together. That will be a big change in their lives, as they know themselves. And Kat will be on the dance floor as the presenter of ‘Dancing with the stars’ with a round belly. “Then I will also stay in Belgium to rest.”

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Their son is provisionally called ‘Baby Ciro’, after the nickname Mertens has in Naples. It is scheduled for March next year. “I’m going to present Dancing with the stars heavily pregnant,” says Kat in a double interview with Marie-Claire magazine. “Then I will stay in Belgium to rest. It will be the first time in nine years that I stay here for five months straight.”

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After all, Dries Mertens is already in the ninth season at football club Napoli, where they have also been living for a few years. “We have always consciously waited to have children before our careers. From the time I had children, it has also been done with flying to and from Belgium”, says Kat. Including for her TV work such as cat without borders on Dancing with the stars she descended to our country.

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