Judo: the Koizumi of Scicli brings home new medals

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JUDOThird in Italy and four medals brought home by his athletes. The results obtained at cadet championships, held last week, are yet another demonstration of how the Judo Club Koizumi of Scicli continues to make its way more and more among the best nationally.

On the tatami of Lido di Ostia, location of the event, the school of the teacher Maurizio Pelligra she showed up with Gabriel Carnemolla (cat. 46 Kg), Matteo Agosta (cat. 50 Kg), Luca Licitra (cat. 50 Kg), Danilo Article (cat. 73 Kg) e Savita Russo (cat. 57 Kg). The team scored two golds, as many bronzes and a fifth place.

The first athlete of the Koizumi Scicli quintet to compete was Carnemolla, already medaled in the 2020 cadet national final. The judoka, after having played four matches, of which three won by ippon and one lost, went to the podium, hitting third place.

Then it was the athletes’ turn Marco Agosta and Luca Licitra whose paths ended up crossing each other.

Agosta, despite a forced stop, he started his race with great determination, closing the his first two fights for ippon in seconds. To the third meeting, after a long fight dominated for over eight minutes, three yellow cards award the victory to the opponent.

For him the enterprise continues. And it is here that on his way to bronze he meets comrade Licitra, over which he prevails, finishing in third place and winning the black belt for competitive merits.

Before getting to contend for the podium with Agosta, Licitra he lost his first match, but then he reacted, disputing the other three with great conviction. His overall tournament was positive, closing in fifth place.

After the two bronzes is the time of gold medals. Danilo Article succeeds in the great enterprise. There are six matches he had to play to reach the top step of the podium. The ones he had to face were very intense fighting and full of emotions all won by ippon, winning the Italian champion title and black belt.

It was then the turn of Savita Russo, fresh from several medals obtained in continental competitions, even in the national context has imposed its supremacy, winning all five matches for ippon, winning the title of Italian champion.


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