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Illner asks Kerner about Kimmich’s refusal to vaccinate – “5-0 picks more painful” – Bundesliga

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Presenter Illner wanted to know from the renowned sports reporter Johannes B. Kerner why the case of Joshua Kimmich was particularly noteworthy.

Kerner reacted with a swipe at the Bayern star: “Maybe you can put that into perspective, it has already been put into perspective in the show. The 5-0 prick against Gladbach yesterday is definitely more painful and has more side effects than any vaccination, Joshua Kimmich endures or simply does not endure. “

Moderator Illner has to laugh and says: “That hurt.”

Kerner at Illner: “In argumentation, galloping with the long-term consequences”

Kerner continues: “In the argumentation he simply galloped with the long-term consequences. It has already been said by the first mayor, who is also a doctor, that these long-term consequences are, according to the assessment of all experts and after seven billion inoculated doses in the all over the world, not, or only to a very small extent. He simply argued wrongly. ”

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According to Kerner, it is dangerous for the Kimmich case if a celebrity like the Bayern star publicly expresses false arguments.

Kimmich’s rejection of the vaccination with undesirable side effects

“The unfortunate thing that goes with it is that with this line of argument he is advancing the people, the small but rather busy, lateral thinking part of the population,” says Kerner. They would now say: “Well, look for yourself Joshua Kimmich, he must have great information, even he won’t be vaccinated.”

According to Kerner, Kimmich did this involuntarily, but it was an undesirable side effect of his rejection of the vaccination.

In addition, his individual attitude is simply wrong, says Kerner. “Because as an athlete, when he performs at his best and puts a lot of strain on his body, he is an ‘open window’ for the virus, I think the doctors say. So he runs the risk of having a particularly difficult course and even dramatically below that Virus suffers. “

You can see the entire program in the ZDF media library.

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