GyE and Almagro, with everything ready for the Provincial League

First date Zone B, South Central Region

Gymnastics of Santa Fe vs. Signed Football

Olimpia de Venado Tuerto vs. Ben Hur by Rafaela

Atlético Sastre vs. Trebolense

The rest for GyE

2ª Fecha: Ben Hur vs. GyE

3rd Date: GyE vs. Trebolense

4th Date: Atlético Sastre vs. GyE

5ª Fecha: GyE vs. Olympics (VT)

First date zone C, South Central Region

San Vicente Brown vs. One-eyed Deer Athens

Argentino de Firmat vs. Union of Sunchales

Almagro de Esperanza vs. Americano by Carlos Pellegrini

The rest for Almagro

2nd Date: Athens (VT) vs. Almagro

3rd Date: Argentine (F) vs. Almagro

4th Date: Almagro vs. Brown (SV)

5th Date: Union (Sunchales) vs. Almagro


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